Tent Repairs

Patch A Mesh Hole

We like Gear Aid’s Bug Mesh Patches, which are feather light, compact and have self-adhesive so you won’t need anything but the patch. We recommend using two, and sandwiching them to each other. Best part? The patch itself is made of the same screen as our tents, so your views of the Milky Way won’t be blemished. 

Patch a Body/Fly Hole

There are lots of great products out there for patching holes on your fly and tent body. Cult favorite at BA is Tear Aid Type A patches, which come in a variety of sizes. Throw a couple Tear Aid patches and alcohol wipes in your first aid kit. If you have an accident in the backcountry, alcohol wipe the affected area, and apply the patch. This is a great permanent fix if sewing isn’t your forte. Gear Aid’s Tenacious tape is a great permanent fix to any nylon holes or tears. Please do not repair your gear with duct tape. Duct tape has a tendency to fall off, and it leaves behind residue that we are unable to stitch through. Removing duct tape can further damage your gear, and will make the repairs more difficult.


Apply A Pole Splint

Every Big Agnes tent comes with a pole repair splint. Accidents happen and wind can be vicious, so we have included a 6” metal repair splint for you to use in the event that you have a problem with your pole set. This handy item can be slipped over a bent or broken pole section to keep your pole system in working order until you get back to town. When you are out of the woods, send your poleset into us for repair. Submit a Claim Online


Replace a Pole Segment & Restring a Poleset

Before you get started with replacing a pole segment in your poleset, make sure you are totally set up to perform the repair. Each segments in your poleset is unique and can vary in length and diameter. Mark all the segments in your poleset prior to unstringing it so that you will be able to reassemble your poleset in the exact order it is designed to be assembled. Failure to reassemble your poleset correctly can lead to further damage to your tent that will not be covered under warranty.

For step-by-step replacement of pole segments, please refer to the following video:

Fix A Zipper

If you have a zipper that isn't functioning properly, your best bet is to send it into us for repair. If you are overseas, on the trail or unable to send in your zippers for repair we have a couple options for you:

1. FixNZip makes screw-on zippers. These are easy to use and ship all over the world. You can contact customer service Here or call us at 877.554.8975 with the year, make and model of your tent to determine what size zipper is right for your tent.

2. We will happily send replacement zipper sliders anywhere in the world. You will need a seamstress or gear shop to put the sliders on for you (it requires some tools and sewing skills). If you would prefer to support your local gear shop or seamstress, please provide us with the year, make and model of your tent and where you would like your replacement sliders sent. 

3. Did we mention our gear wizards are really good at what they do? No matter what zipper jam you get in, send in your gear and they will get it working again. 


Need Some Help While You Are Repairing Your Gear?

Don't worry, we will talk you through it! For the quickest service, please locate your tent year, make and model prior to calling us. You can find this information by locating a small rectangular, white, tag that is sewn into the seam of your tent body. It will say the model of tent you have, the letter J or Y and a bunch of numbers. Find it? Great, give us a call at 877.554.8975 




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