Finding the Right Pad

Sleeping pads are the most underrated part of your camping setup. Often left at home, brutalized by puppies, and equated with pool toys, the humble sleeping pad can make or break your night's sleep. Why does investing in the right pad matter? Because that pad is the only thing separating you from the cold, hard ground. Because your back hates a bed of skree. Because the right pad heals your tired bones, refreshing you for the next day. And because a wonderful sleeping pad transforms camping from something you endure to something you love. Here's our guide to finding your transcendent pad:

Intended Use

Start by identifying what you are using it for.

Bikepacking, packrafting, thru-hiking: Go fast and light without compromising comfort or warmth with the Q-Core SLX, Insulated Air Core Ultra and Insulated Double Z. For Summer treks check out the AXL Core Ultra and Air Core Ultra.

Hunting, ski touring or winter camping: Take a look at the Hinman, Two Track or Q-Core Deluxe for our warmest, most rugged pads.

Car camping: Go for the most luxurious night's sleep with the Q-Core Deluxe. Keep it simple with the Insulate Air Core Ultra or Insulated Double Z. Give your lungs a break with the Two Track and Hinman. You can use whatever you want for car camping. 

Temperature Ratings

If you will be using your pad in diverse climates and seasons, go warmer. Insulated pads are more versatile and prolong your camping season well into fall and spring. Non-insulated pads are intended for summer and warm weather usage.  

  • -5°F to 15°F degrees : Suitable for 4-season camping. Hinman, Two Track 
  • 15°F - 35°F : Suitable for 3 season camping. Q-Core Deluxe, Q-Core SLX, Insulated Air Core Ultra, Insulated Double Z 
  • Above 35°F : Suitable for summer camping. Air Core Ultra, AXL Core Ultra


20x48 : Short - Necessary for Kid's Little Red System Bag

20x66 : Petite - Necessary for all Women's Petite System Bags

20x72 : Regular - Necessary for all Regular sized Full pad sleeve System Bags (men's and women's)

20x78 : Long - Necessary for all Men's Long System Bags

25x72 : Wide Regular - Great with Traditional Mummy Bags for extra wiggle room

25x78 : Wide Long - Necessary for all Park Series Sleeping Bags. Two 25x78 pads can be used in Dream Island sleeping Bag

40x72 : Double Wide Q-Core SLX. Can be used with Sentinel, King Solomon, Big Creek, Cabin Creek sleeping bags

50x78 : Double Wide Insulated Air Core Ultra, Double Wide Hinman. Can be used with Dream Island sleeping bag

Air Chamber vs. Self-Inflating Pads

Air Chamber: Comfortable, lightweight and compact. These pads range from 2.5 - 4.25 inches thickness. These pads require nothing but lung power to fill up. Or you can use the Pumphouse Ultra for easier inflation.  

Self-Inflating: Easy to inflate and durable. These pads range from 1.5 - 2 inches thickness. Just unscrew the cap and let it auto inflate. These pads are ideal for car camping or winter backcountry travel.
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