Sleeping Pad Tips

Protecting Your Sleeping Pad

Your pad is covered by our warranty against manufacturing and material defect. Your pad is not covered against punctures made by exposing it to the elements. Cowboy camping is phenomenal, but put some protection (like a footprint) under your pad first. Your pad is intended for many warm, comfortable siestas. Your pad is not intended for glissading, Jet-Boiling, or rafting.

Setting Up Your Sleep System Bag & Pad

Our system bags unite a sleeping bag and pad into one. Setting it up is pretty painless: Simply slide your logo side up pad into the sleeve underneath your sleeping bag. Inflate the pad before you put it in the bag or after. If you are using one of our thicker sleeping pads, it may be easier to partially inflate the pad, slide it in the sleeve and then finish inflating when it is securely in place. 

Using a Pumphouse Ultra

The Pumphouse Ultra drastically reduces sleeping pad inflation time by gathering a large amount of air at one time and easily pushing it through the sleeping pad inflation valve. It doubles as a stuff sack, pad pump, dry sack, pillow, backcountry shower and more.  Compatible with Air Core Ultra, Insulated Air Core Ultra, Q-Core Deluxe, AXL Core Ultra and Q-Core SLX pads. Can also be used with standard sized traditional valves. 

Instructions for use: 

  • Open valve end and place on opened sleeping pad in-valve. Open stuff sack end and allow air to enter, then roll stuff sack end continuously to inflate pad with the air trapped inside the Pumphouse Ultra. Repeat until pad has reached desired inflation. 

How to Use the Pumphouse Ultra


Pad Coupling

The pad coupler is a great accessory that brings together two pads to make one large sleeping pad.  It comes with two straps that are adjustable with Velcro attachments that fit around any pad up to 25” wide and 4” thick.  Ideally you will have two pads of the same thickness to have a uniform/even junction so one can splay and commandeer as much sleeping space that a relationship will allow.

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