Footprint FAQ's

Footprint FAQ’s:


All Big Agnes tents have an accessory footprint available for them. This footprint provides two primary purposes:

  • To protect the floor of your tent from punctures and abrasions
  • For Fast Fly Setup, an optional setup without the inner tent body (pictured below)

When using the Fast Fly, it’s important to have the footprint that was specifically designed for your tent to make sure it’s the same size and has the same attachment points as your rain fly.

How do I Fast Fly my tent?

The Fast Fly setup allows you to erect the tent without the inner tent body, which will increase the useable space of your tent as well as lighten your load. Setup instructions include:

  1. Lay down your footprint in a flat area clear of debris, and stake out all corners.
  2. Assemble the poleset and insert the tips into the grommets on the footprint.
  3. Drape the rain fly over the poleset, and clip the buckles directly to the footprint. (If you have a tent with a cross pole, make sure to use the pockets to hold it in place)
  4. Use the remaining stakes to stake out the vestibules.
  5. Attach the Velcro loops to the poles, and stake out all guy lines.


Which footprint do I need for my tent?

Each Big Agnes tent has a footprint that is specifically designed for it. The dedicated footprint will be a custom fit and have the buckles needed to set up the Fast Fly. The footprint will have the same name as your tent, and when a tent is re-designed or updated, the footprint will receive similar updates. This means a newer model footprint may not work with an older model tent of the same name, so if you plan to utilize the Fast Fly setup, make sure to select the proper footprint that matches your size and model tent.

If you have questions about which footprint will work best with a tent you already own, please call our Big Agnes gear specialists at 877.554.8975 or contact us via email here to help you find the correct footprint for your tent

My footprint is smaller than the floor of my tent body and the webbing straps are longer than those of my tent body…is this right?

Yes it is. Our footprints are designed to be smaller than the tent body itself to prevent it from catching rain and re-directing it underneath your tent. Because of the smaller fit, the webbing straps need to be longer so that everything will line up properly when the tent is fully staked out.


Is my footprint supposed to stay attached to my tent if I pick it up and move it?

The footprint is designed to fit when it is fully staked out. When you pick up the tent, the poles pull the corners in and the floor will sag allowing the footprint to fall off the pole tips. Ideally, you will set up your tent in the spot it will stay all night, but if that’s not the case you may need to re-attach the footprint once you find your new spot.



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